WinRAR 3.71.1

Compressor Winrar 3.7 is a file compressor to create multivolume files
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Compressor Winrar 3.7 is a file compressor that allows you to create multivolume files with the option of being self-extracted and it also supports files' long names.
Besides that, Compressor Winrar 3.7 compresses content in a very higher ratio than the Winzip, this characteristic enables Compressor Winrar 3.7 to make files up to 20% smaller.

Compressor Winrar 3.7 fully supports rar, zip, cab, ace, arj, and lzh; integrated multimedia compression and has the options of recovering data, encryption, color ANSI comments.
It also allows you to name your files with no-English names.

With Compressor Winrar 3.7 you can convert into rar other files' extensions you need to be in rar.

This version of the Winrar is able to correct some bugs and improve the rar files when processing them.
It is password protected with Rinjdael code (AES-128), files' digital sign, modifications lock, advanced protection against damages which allows you to recover bad shape files and configurable anti-virus verification.

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  • Powerful
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  • Escalable
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  • No disadvantages at first sight
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