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Question by Gianfranco
May 17, 2023

I have a lot of nested archives (like matrioska) and I'd like to decompress everything in one go.
how can I do it with winrar ?

Pooja Bajaj
Answer by Pooja Bajaj

You can decompress nested archives in one go by selecting all of them and then right-clicking and selecting "Extract to [archive name]\". This will extract all the files from each archive into a new folder with the archive name.

Question by hidensmart
December 23, 2015

I always use WinRAR to extract files and convert them to MPEG, but lately I always get a diagnostic message that says "Break in operation file is corrupt". I know the file is not corrupt. Any ideas for what is wrong?

Answer by Robert Polubinski

If you receive that message, then the archive is indeed corrupted and you can't do nothing about it, except for acquiring or downloading it again from the known sources. In some cases you can use the recovery mode available within WinRAR, but if the archive wasn't created with RECOVERY, then the option will be useless.

Question by pappede
October 25, 2015

I am asking this question on behalf of a co-worker.

  1. We have an 11 Gigabyte RAR (WinRAR) file.

  2. When we try to uncompress the file we are getting a CRC (checksum) error.

  3. We are using the latest version of WinRAR (3.4.2).

  4. The WinRAR repair utility is not working on the file.

  5. We are unable to extract the and keep it even if it is bad (WinRAR allows you to do this sometimes. Extract without confirmation does not work).

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer by Alex Urbach

A file of that size should have a rescue portion of 10 % (also called Recovery), if it was selected for this. In case it's not, you will have the possibility of extracting only until the error appears. At this point, you have 2 choices:

  1. Contact the author of the file and ask him to provide another file.

  2. Extract the files and when the error appears, don't close it. Instead navigate to the extraction directory and copy all the already extracted files, then close the message with the error.

Question by Guest
October 24, 2010

How to change WinRAR language to English?

Answer by Rafupueru

WinRAR versions are available in different languages.. u can download English version here ""

Question by Guest
April 24, 2013

I'm trying to open files downloaded from torrent but the installer is saying it's in an unknown format. They are .bin files and Winrar won't unpack them so I'm confused.

Answer by Alex Urbach

You can open .bin files using Daemon Tools Lite or any application which knows how to mount a virtual drive. Sometimes, .bin files are accompanied with CUE files which tell the software what to mount and if you have such files, you will need to select them for mounting.

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

You can try using the available applications listed on the Softwar Informer page. Please keep in mind that bruteforcing a RAR file could take a very long time since its encryption is not so easy to break.

Answer by Murtuza

Yes, it is... Not what you are saying but its better!!! It provides many different features which 7zip doesn't provide... You can have a look on reviews...

Question by kolappan
August 13, 2010

How do I uninstall WinRAR? I cannot uninstall it using the Control Panel Add/Remove function.

Answer by Murtuza

Use uninstallers like Iobit or Revo Uninstaller... They will surely help you...

Question by Guest
February 17, 2010
Answer by Murtuza

You cannot change rar file to Video File. Rather saying this is Senseless...

Question by hamide gholami
May 6, 2011

I want to reinstall this software and use it on my PC because when I want to open this program an error occurs & reports that I should reinstall the software. It is missing out some files. Please help me! How can I reinstall and use it for free?

Answer by Sean Hill

Download the package again and launch it from your desktop or from the location you saved it to. The installation will replace all the missing/corrupted files and repair the associations.

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