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Extract various types of archives or compress your files
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Version: 6.0 (x86)
Date update: Nov 20, 2020
File name: wrar60b2.exe
Size: 3 MB
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wrar600.exe winrar-x64-600.exe
Purchase at for $29.00
WinRAR Chinese Simplified
wrar591sc.exe winrar-x64-591sc.exe
WinRAR Danish
wrar591dk.exe winrar-x64-591dk.exe
WinRAR Japanese
wrar591jp.exe winrar-x64-591jp.exe
WinRAR French
WinRAR German
wrar591d.exe winrar-x64-591d.exe
WinRAR Spanish
wrar591es.exe winrar-x64-591es.exe
WinRAR Arabic
wrar591ar.exe winrar-x64-591ar.exe
WinRAR Armenian
wrar600am.exe winrar-x64-600am.exe
WinRAR Azerbaijani
wrar571az.exe winrar-x64-571az.exe
WinRAR Belarusian
wrar571by.exe winrar-x64-571by.exe
WinRAR Burmese (Myanmar)
wrar571bur.exe winrar-x64-571bur.exe
WinRAR Catalan
wrar591ca.exe winrar-x64-591ca.exe
WinRAR Croatian
wrar591cro.exe winrar-x64-591cro.exe
WinRAR Czech
wrar591cz.exe winrar-x64-591cz.exe
WinRAR English
wrar600bg.exe winrar-x64-600bg.exe
WinRAR Estonian
wrar571est.exe winrar-x64-571est.exe
WinRAR Euskera
wrar591eu.exe winrar-x64-591eu.exe
WinRAR Galician
wrar591gl.exe winrar-x64-591gl.exe
WinRAR Georgian
wrar591ge.exe winrar-x64-591ge.exe
WinRAR Greek
wrar591el.exe winrar-x64-591el.exe
WinRAR Lithuanian
wrar591lt.exe winrar-x64-591lt.exe
WinRAR Mongolian
wrar591mn.exe winrar-x64-591mn.exe
WinRAR Norwegian
wrar591no.exe winrar-x64-591no.exe
WinRAR Persian
wrar591prs.exe winrar-x64-591prs.exe
WinRAR Polish
wrar591pl.exe winrar-x64-591pl.exe
WinRAR Slovak
wrar591sk.exe winrar-x64-591sk.exe
WinRAR Slovenian
wrar591slv.exe winrar-x64-591slv.exe
WinRAR Spanish Colombian
wrar591esco.exe winrar-x64-591esco.exe
WinRAR Thai
wrar591th.exe winrar-x64-591th.exe
WinRAR Uzbek
wrar571uz.exe winrar-x64-571uz.exe
WinRAR Vietnamese
wrar571vn.exe winrar-x64-571vn.exe

Latest versions of WinRAR

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6.00.2 β
Nov 18, 2020
wrar60b2.exe winrar-x64-60b2.exe
6.0 (latest)
Nov 20, 2020
Jul 23, 2020
wrar591.exe winrar-x64-591.exe
Aug 15, 2019
wrar571.exe winrar-x64-571.exe
Aug 24, 2018
wrar560.exe winrar-x64-560.exe

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